Indian Ocean 8 Crew

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indian 8 Crew Changes

January 20, 2009

Indian Ocean 8

We had our first conference call on Saturday to accomplish some crew business.
We lost 2 of the crew, Kris Goris and Jez Gordan. Reservists Jose Gomez and Adam Nutall are now called to active duty. Two more from the 32 applicants will be selected as reserves. There is possibility of a crew sponsor in the works so a proper boat name should be selected soon. Our boat number is 8 of course, what else would it be? For those who will be following online I do not know the color of our dot. For those who have never followed an ocean rowing adventure online, every boat has a number and a corresponding color of dot associated to the satellite tracking beacon. Every day people will be able to go online and track or follow our progress. People will also be able to send us messages.
The members of the crew are busy training and fundraising. The ground support staff is busy preparing the boat and Deb has been working on the website.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How it All Started, Woodvale Ad

Crew Wanted
Fancy yourself as a record breaker!?

Woodvale Challenge are looking for 8 courageous individuals to attempt to set the speed record across the Indian Ocean. No 8 man crew has ever rowed any ocean so this is your chance to set two records in one.

At present there are only 2 individuals who are considered to have completed an entire crossing of the Indian Ocean, Anders Svedlund said to have crossed in 64 days back in 1971 and Simon Chalk who crossed in 107 days in 2003, so the gauntlet has been set and the getting the record is achievable.

The Route:

Geraldton, Western Australia – Port St Louis, Mauritius3,100 nautical miles

The Date:

The start is scheduled for the 19th April 2009 in order to coincide with the start of the first ever ocean rowing race across the Indian Ocean the Indian Ocean Rowing Race 2009.

The Boat:

The boat that will be used was designed by Phil Morrison and is 36ft long with a 6ft beam. Constructed from balsa laminate and marine plywood she is built to stand whatever the ocean throws at her. Fitted with 4 sweep rowing positions for maximum power she is weighted for balance and stability allowing her to glide through the water. Weight un-laden is around 600kg and will top around 1,200kg once all of the stores are on board.

Financial Commitment: £15,000 per crew member

Each crew member will be expected to contribute financially towards the project. This financial contribution will cover all of the project costs for the boat and crew including equipment for the boat, shipping, and food for the voyage. However this cost does not include any personal items that crew members may wish to take or flights and accommodation to and during your stay at the start and finish locations.

This is to be paid in three installments from the date of sign up in three equal amounts. Until payment is made your place is not secure in the crew. Crew members who do not pay will be asked to vacate their position and will not be allowed to start the row.

Contact us to find out more:

Tel: +44 (0) 1364 644432

- 8th July 2008
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