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Monday, May 18, 2009

Approaching Half Way by Woodvale May 18, 2009

Approaching Half Way
18 May 2009 21:14 BST

New race leaders, Boat No. 7 ‘Bexhill Trust Challenger’, with a 32nm lead over the next closest team, Boat No. 13 ‘Pura Vida’ are now just days away from reaching the half way mark.

Having taken a more Northerly route, Bexhill Trust Challenger are cashing in on the positive winds and weather conditions that only they are currently experiencing, averaging speeds of 2.5 knots and daily runs of 50 plus nautical miles.

One month into the race and after 1,427nm of grueling rowing, the Bexhill Trust Challenger boys are just 139nm away from the half way mark, a major milestone in the Race. It’s all down hill from this point onwards!

Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet, who all chose a more direct, Southerly route are suffering from adverse winds and confused currents. For the smaller crews, the Pairs and one remaining Solo entry, each and every single mile towards Mauritius is hard work and daily mileages are down to single figures. However, the Indian Ocean is unpredictable and where as the weather conditions on one day can favour teams in the North, the next day it could be all change for the better of the teams in the South.

In desperation to get out of the eddy hole that has plagued the Ocean Angels for the past three days, the British all female Fours team sacrificed their morphine to the depths of the Indian Ocean in a last ditch attempt to sedate the raging sea long enough for them to row free of its clutches.

Their plan seems to have worked and today Pura Vida has started to move in the right direction again, albeit slower than their rivals, the boys onboard Bexhill Trust Challenger.

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