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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sea Life on Indian Ocean a Myth by Deb

Sea Life on Indian Ocean a Myth by Deb
May 25, 2009

When Angela signed up for this Indian Ocean Cruise (I mean Journey) we were told there was fabulous sea life in the Indian Ocean. Angela looked forward to meeting up with whales, seals, turtles and even sharks as she had on her Atlantic Crossing. We blogged about all kinds of sea life ( look at posts from Jan-Feb 2008) during the Atlantic Crossing. So far, nearly a month into the Indian Ocean Crossing they have not seen much in the way of sea life. They have taken time on this crossing to fish, yet, they have not caught anything. This is actually the norm for Angela, (as I have yet to see her come home with anything but lame excuses); surely some of the other 7 crew members have been successful at fishing. Angela says she spotted a 2 foot blue marlin off the boat the other day but other than that they have not seen the sea life they were promised in the brochure. Hum, Woodvale is smart not to put a sea life guarantee in the contract. The crew has seen 20 ft waves and terrible winds.

The Indian Ocean 8 crew members seem to be getting along well. There have been no reports of plotting to through anyone overboard. They all have sores and aches and pains, but nothing more than they normal Ocean Rowing fare. Angela did have a sore that Bernie had to tend to, but Angela being a paraplegic, has more trouble with sores not healing. She said her crew took charge of her and put her on rowing restriction for 24 hours. During her shift she went to her station and exposed her lily white arse to the sky in an attempt to get it to heal more quickly. Good thing the other rowers have sun glasses!

On the last update, it appears that we have passed the Rowing for Prostrate lads. But that is probably not the case. When you look at the times of the updates, RFP was updated 5/25 at 11:00 GMT and Audeamus was updated 5/25 at 18:01 GMT. Audeamus was 3 miles ahead of them at that time, but I am assuming that RFP made more progress than that in the 7 hours since their reading. So….get out the horns and party favors, but don’t celebrate just yet!

Angela assures me that she has been taking pictures and video so we will get to see those when they get to Mauritius.

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