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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Water everywhere but can you get a drink? from Woodvale

Water everywhere but can you get a drink?
06 May 2009 12:47 BST

Despite being in the middle of the Indian Ocean and surrounded by water, fresh drinking water is a major problem for all of the competitors taking part in the Indian Ocean Rowing Race 2009.

Each of the boats carry an electric water maker which, powered off each boats mains electricity supply, pumps the salty sea water in to the machine and via a desalination process turns this is to drinking water. This process is relatively slow and demands a substantial amount of power so its times like these when you start to look at how much fresh water you really do require to survive on each day.

For solo rower, Simon Prior onboard boat No. 3 ‘Old Mutual Endurance’ this question has been intensified as his electric water maker has stopped working for the second time since the start of the race.

As part of the mandatory race equipment, each team must carry a spares pack for their main unit and a separate back up hand operated water maker, which effectively does the same job without requiring electricity. However, this manual process takes much longer but in 200 degrees of blazing Indian Ocean heat, drinking water becomes a priority and all other jobs including rowing are put on hold.

Elsewhere in the fleet, Boat No 88, Aud Eamus start to show their true ability as they pass Boat No. 9 ‘Southern Cross’ on their way through the racing fleet. Next is Boat No. 3 ‘Old Mutual Endurance’ who should be able to raise the 8 man crew by VHF as they pass by the solo rower later on today.

For all the up to date positions of all boats competing in the Indian Ocean Rowing Race 2009, please check the Progress Page on this site regularly.

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